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What Does "Quota Limit Reached" mean?

This message comes up if Google feels there are too many consecutive queries from their database. The quick solution to get back up and running is to grab a proxy or wait a few minutes. You can also try increasing your delay to avoid to many queries over a short period of time.

Do I Have To Buy Additional Products?

No, everything you need to use TrendMiner Pro and find trends is included within the videos here in the Member's Area. If you want to find additional trends or learn how to analyze these trends even more, you can optionally purchase our Trend Spotting Secrets course which goes into more depth of trend analysis and how to setup automatic trend feeds for hourly trends.

What's The Difference Between a "Fad" and a "Trend"?

A fad is usually just a quick spike in interest that only lasts a very short time and is difficult to monetize. A trend usually lasts for a longer period of time and also is somewhat predictable and therefore possible to monetize.

What Can I Use These Trends For?

Since trends just represent market demand, you can use your new trendspotting skill in almost any marketing task. Buying top domains, getting more traffic from content, understanding your buyers...these are just a few of the ways that trendspotting can help your business, or help you start a great business!

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Having trouble? Need some help? No problem. Just send an an email to support@marketbold.com explaining how we can help and a ticket will be automatically created. We'll do our best to have you up and running in a flash. :)