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  • Hidden YouTube Stats

    VidSpyPro reveals exactly how many views a video gets each day, and also how many views a video has received in the last 7 days. Once this hidden data is clearly revealed, you’ll instantly know which videos to target, reverse engineer, or advertise on.

  • Keyword Difficulty Score

    VidSpyPro calculates the keyword difficulty score, so you know which keywords are easy to rank for in YouTube. Have a new YouTube account? No problem. Just select keywords that are easy to rank for and start getting views today.

  • More Views & Subscribers

    Once you know the most popular videos and YouTube channels, reverse engineer their content ideas and techniques. You can also export the URLs, Titles, Tags, and Daily View data to monitor your best YouTube competitors over time.

How To Rank YouTube Videos Faster

Ignore 99% of YouTube ranking tips. They're wrong. We use actual tests to determine which factors are most important to the YouTube SEO algorithm. Use these methods to rank your videos fast.

Click here to watch the YouTube test results...

You've probably heard about secret recipes for tags, long descriptions, filenames, backlinks, etc.

The next time you hear this advice, ask if they've run any tests. In most cases, the answer will be "No". The advice is just based on what they think works.

In this video, you'll see how we developed the Keyword Difficulty score in VidSpyPro, using actual scientific testing of the YouTube algorithm.

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VidSpyPro FAQ

Is this a one-time fee or a monthly membership? +

VidSpyPro is a one-time fee during our initial launch. There are no monthly maintenance fees, and you can use the tool to rank as many YouTube videos as you would like.

How many videos can I use this on each month? +

You can use it to rank an unlimited number of videos. There are no per video fees and no extra usage fees to use the software.

Will this work for ____ niche? +

Yes, this will work for that niche. 🙂 The software uses a math formula, so it will work across all markets. If there is a YouTube video for your topic, we can grab the data we need to make calculations and tell you the Keyword Difficulty, daily views, tags, etc.

Do you have any training materials? +

Yes, we do. After you make your purchase, you'll be immediately redirected to our download page. You can then install the software in a matter of seconds. On that download page, there is a link to the VidSpyPro Video Training area. You can watch those videos at anytime and learn how to use the tool to rank videos and get more traffic to your website.

Do I have to have a YouTube account? +

Actually, no. If you'd like to just use VidSpyPro to find great keywords and topics for your own webpage, you can do that. You are not required to login to YouTube in order to use VidSpyPro. We also have a video content tool that can get you organic Google rankings for keywords, even if you never make a YouTube video.

Does this work in only in English? +

It should work in all languages. We have tested the tool so far in French, German, Spanish, Dutch, and Hebrew. If you have any troubles with the tool, you can contact our support team at anytime and we'll fix the issue for you right away.

Will this work if my YouTube channel is brand new? +

Yes, it will. Channel strength is a YouTube ranking factor. However, our tests using a new YouTube channel have shown that the key ranking factors are still in your control, even with a brand new YouTube account. The best time to start a great YouTube channel was 10 years ago. The next best time is today. 🙂

Will this work on PC and Mac? +

Yes, this works on both Mac and PC, because Chrome is available for both systems. If you're system can run the latest version of Google Chrome, you can run VidSpyPro.

Can I use this for YouTube advertising? +

Absolutely. We actually developed the "Get Data" button specifically with YouTube advertisers in mind. Using this tool, you can get a tab separated list of YouTube managed placement URLs and the daily view counts. You can use this feature to find thousands of great videos to advertise your products and services on, using Google Adwords for Video.

What are the software requirements to use VidSpyPro? +

The only software requirement to run VidSpyPro is the Chrome browser. If you would like to work with the exported data, you can use either Microsoft Excel, Notepad, or the free OpenOffice suite or any other text editor online.

If I have a problem, can I get help? +

Yes. If you have a problem with installation or usage of VidSpyPro, just create a ticket at our support desk by sending a quick email to support --at--, and we'll do our best to solve the problem quickly for you.

If it really does all this, why is it so cheap? +

Great question. The truth is, we developed this tool in August 2016, and we are still slowing rolling it out to the public. We will be raising the price to in the future, but we wanted to keep the initial price low, so we could test and improve the tool quickly, using the feedback from our first users.

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