• Great article as always Jack I love using the calculator keeps you motivated towards the end goal for sure.
    • Thanks Dean! Thanks for reading and for leaving the first comment. Let me know if there is anything else we can add to the tool to make it more useful for you.
  • Excellent CONTENT
    Have bought all your tools and have impressed me However have started using the 2 tools AMZ3PRO and Question spy a lot and have found really good KWS
  • Great post Jack

    Couple of things:

    1. Does Question Spy work on Macs – looks like it’s PC only?
    2. A few years ago I bought an open source library search software from you that found truly open source publications – is this still available?

    Many thanks!

    • Loz, Thanks for the comment. Yes, QuestionSpy works best in Chrome or Firefox and can run on Mac or PC without any issues. The other product you are referring to was our Public Domain Scanner. We have taken that product off the market but at looking to introduce it again in the cloud, since it used to be about a 1gb download, which didn’t make a lot of sense given the nature of the product. I’ll be sure to let you know once it is available. Thanks!
  • Only the best from Jack. I love everything he does and his software products are invaluable to me.

    Thanks, Jack, for your generosity.
  • Over the years I’ve always been impressed with your content and products. You don’t email out often, but when you do, it is of the highest quality.

    I too would like to know a writer, or writing company that is priced fairly and give high quality content.
    • Jack, thanks for the kind comments. I’m going to be putting this resource/referral system in place to make it easier to find high quality freelance writers in any market. Let me first check with a couple of them and make sure they’re ok with sharing their info given their work load. The really good ones tend to stay busy.
  • Great content as always, Jack.

    Now, I do think there’s a little Catch 22 situation here.

    Let’s say one is starting with a new website here. New niche, no authority, no existing presence etc. It’s highly unlikely that the first piece of content is going to attract ANY traffic at all, let alone money to re-invest.

    In my experience, it often takes a few months of regular (maybe even daily) posting to start generating some traffic to a new website in a new industry, unless you pay to amplify it.

    My question is this, Jack…

    How do you start the amplification immediately? Even if it costs some money, I, for instance, am willing to spend it. Say $100 a week. How’d you go about getting traction?

    I’m looking to amplify a business in an industry where there’s a lot of competition, and traffic is hard to come by (and yes, I do use QuestionSpy to get a list of questions, which I then run through a keyword tool to sort by monthly searches, and so on)

    I’m wondering if I have to blow a few thousand before I can get traction… or if there’s a way to make content amplification work there.

    Thanks for any suggestions…
    Lakshay Behl
    Chief Systems Architect at Westernston, Inc.
    • Lakshay,

      Thanks for reading and for the great question. I have two thoughts on this. First, you really have to start with killer content. I mean, it needs to be really good and usually very long (or some feature that makes it solve a big problem nobody else is solving). Once you have published the content, look at your Google Analytics Time on Page stats and break them down by country. Pay attention to the time on page…it should be quite high (meaning that people are actually reading the content and taking time on the page). If you don’t have any money to invest initially, that’s fine. You’ll just have to methodically work through that list of promotion ideas and do them by hand, until you get some more traffic.

      However, you mentioned that you are willing to spend $100 a week. I would take that money for the first month and hire someone to work through that promotion list above. If you’re familiar with PPC, you could use the money to buy ads driving traffic to your post. But again, the only way you’re going to get traction when on your first article on a brand new blog is to spread the word or hire someone to help you spread the word, or buy traffic to the post. In most cases though, you post should be indexed within a week, and you should start to see organic traffic to the content within a few weeks, if your content is solid and you’re answering questions, which usually have very low competition.

      Having said that, as soon as you get the slightest ROI, you’ll want to switch back to this plan and spend the money on more content, as that is going to give you a much better ROI long term.

      For your other question, regarding VidSpyPro, I’ve sent you a link.
  • Another great article offering a real process that can be successful if applied. Thanks always for your help and insights Jack
  • Sweet blog! I found it while searching on Yahoo News.
    Do you have any suggestions on how to get listed in Yahoo News?
    I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there!
    • Thanks for the comment Ferne. I don’t currently have any info on the blog specifically about targeting content to Yahoo News.
  • Great article. I’m testing Workflowy now and re-organizing my content creation process.
    • Thanks Sarge…glad you are enjoying Workflowy. It has been a great tool to use for both writing and just getting things done too.
  • The first time I came across your insightful writing was in the Warrior Forum. Remember ‘16.8 Million Dollar Autopilot Solution From Greece’ – which you wrote back in 2008?

    I was so impressed with your writing style and innovative ideas that I think I have bought every product you have produced since then.

    And of course, I eagerly read any email you send out – all too infrequently …:(

    What you have written here is similar to a FB Live video I watched recently – Neil Napier was commenting on building authority / why people don’t have it. He offered to have a free strategy call with anybody to strategise with them / help build their authority.

    However, he had a few provisos.

    You first had to show him your blog, …
    which you were updating regularly, …
    and regularly sharing onto your FB fanpage, ….
    and regularly posting onto your FB timeline, …
    and had some products listed for sale, ….
    and were consistently posting some useful YT videos, ….
    and were actively participating in niche groups & forums.

    Of course, if you are consistently doing all of these actions, you will have authority in your niche, and so wouldn’t need the free strategy call with him …:).

    This was a very clever ‘hook’ at the start of his video. (And no, he wasn’t selling anything at the end of the video – just imparting good advice – much like you do)…:)

    Many of the tools you provide – QuestionSpy, KWGP, VidSpy, TrendMinerPro, and insightful posts like this one totally support Neil’s ‘authority building’ process. (He apparently has been able to earn over $1m/year part time from IM, whilst working on his PhD – so he has to work smart, not hard).

    Thanks once again for yet another ‘gold’ post, as well as your followup email ‘This Creates Content That Converts…’
    • Jeff, thanks so much for the kind words. I sure appreciate your support as a customer all these years. I had a chance to stop by and take a look at your site, ParetoDigitalMarketing.com this morning. Looks great. I haven’t had a chance to watch the Richard Koch video you posted, but am making a note to check that out as well. Hope you’re doing well.
  • Hello There. I found your blog using msn. This is a very well written article.
    I’ll be sure to bookmark it and return to read more of your
    useful information. Thanks for the post. I will definitely comeback.
    • Thanks for reading and let me know if there is anything I can help with.
  • After checking out a few of the articles on your blog, I really like your way of blogging.
    I saved as a favorite it to my bookmark
    website list and will be checking back soon.
    • Thanks for the kind comments and I hope we can help you with your business.
  • Dear Jack,

    I’ve purchased a couple of your products, which I’ve been delighted with… I will be purchasing keyword pro,soon..

    My question is, the content you refer to, can this be spin articles, I have a great article spinner,and wondered would this work.

    Thanks for everything…
    • Kenneth,

      Great question.

      There isn't any reason it couldn't be a spun article. Having said that, in my experience, the kind of content that is usually spun isn't good enough to get the most from this method. If, however, you spent a lot of time creating a great spun article, then there is no reason it couldn't work.

      Before publishing, you just need to take an honest look at the content you're about to submit and ask yourself if it's going to give the visitor a great experience which will build trust and make it more likely they will complete the goal and convert.

      Spun or not spun...the content has to give the reader a great experience or it won't accomplish your goals.
  • I arrived here via FatStacks and you're writing style is captivating! Truely inspired.
  • As always, great insights Jack!