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  • Hey, Jack,

    I’ve been a customer for your products on and off for many years now, and I’m always amazed with your fresh take on things.

    I have a question about this blog post. Early on, you said, “(I’ll show you a modified form of this same computer system that you can start using in the next 15 minutes. It’s cheap, easy, and works.)”

    Now are you referring to your “Kaizen” pen-and-paper process described later, or are you referring to something else, not yet presented?

    Please advise, thanks.
    • Arthur,
      Yes, exactly. In the book, Doug presents actual Before/After cases studies and shows the Merwynn results. He explains that the only thing the software is doing is being unbiased about the analysis of these 3 Marketing Laws. So, your main job is to perform this analysis, remaining as honest as possible, and you can begin to predict with nothing more than a pen and paper. Also, I can tell you that the more you try this method and use it, the better you’ll get at being completely honest about your assessment. One thing I do is go to a bookstore or mall and critique other products, before working on your own ideas. This helps you to form some objectivity in your process.
  • Jack,

    As soon as you said how important this book has been to your successful marketing efforts and we should buy it, I went straight to Amazon and picked up a used hardcover edition in very good condition for only $5.58 including tax and shipping.

    I didn’t bother reading all of your copy. I just trusted that since you said the book was important to have, that was more than enough for me. Looking forward to learning from it. Thanks.

    Robert Blake
  • As far as you are aware, is access to Doug’s software, MERWYN still available for free in older editions of his book? Thanks.

    • Robert,
      I believe Doug still performs this kind of service for large companies, but it certainly isn’t free. Doug runs a company that specializes in both predicting future success of ideas, and improving existing ideas to increase their probability of success.
  • Hey Jack, thanks for the book recommendation. I love to read and always looking for new books to read and add to my library. Great blog from you.
    • Taiwo,

      Thanks for the kind comments and I'm glad you're enjoying the blog.

      I know you'll get a bunch of great insights and ideas from this book. I've read my copy multiple times and I review my notes regularly.