Breakthrough for 2020...

Imagine Making 3/4 Of A Million Dollars Selling Fancy Yoga Mats

Jennifer's Idea Made $750,000 In One Year, But It Had Nothing To Do With Luck

This Priceless Skill Made A 100% Difference

Jennifer's got an incredible story.

She just knew that some people wanted more than a silly blue yoga mat.

In 2005, she started a company called Plank, and quickly saw success.

What does she sell?

High End Yoga Accessories?

Yoga mats that cost $70 to $90 dollars!

She caters to "upper class yoga lovers"...

...and she's making a killing. When she started in 2007, Jennifer's Charlestown, Massachusetts company brought in an estimated $750,000.

How Did She Do It?

Let's face it, unless you are a yoga buff, you had no idea there was a HUGE market for "expensive Yoga mats"!

Which raises a very good question...

Why Do Some People Work Tirelessly Promoting GOOD Products, And Never Make A Single Penny, While Others Promote Crazy Products...Wild Ideas, And Make Millions???

If you're like me, you've probably asked yourself, "What's the "secret sauce" that these people have, that is holding me back?"

What do they know, and do, that I don't?

The "secret" to Jennifer's success, and the success of thousands of other companies, can be summed up in
two words:

Market Research

If you've ever wondered if their was more to successful internet marketing than throwing up a blog, 3 YouTube videos, a Twitter account, and a few backlinks...

You're right, there's an easier way...

Sure you can make some cash with just those methods...but what about long term success?

After all, do you really want to wake up every morning to type out another article, just because the last one has lost its juice already?

Do you really want to spend your vacation submitting another RSS feed?

Has your family been complaining about the "Internet Lifestyle" that just "hasn't surfaced" yet? (I know, I know, you just need MORE time...)

Market Research lays the foundation for a good business...

But Jennifer's Success Had Little To Do With "Plain Jane" Market Research...

Now, please don't misunderstand me.

There is a lot more to running a business and making a profit than simple market research.

Good thing for Jennifer.

She virtually "sealed" her success with these three words:

Trend Spotting Secrets

In case you haven't figured this out yet, Trend Spotting isn't just for Fortune 500 companies and Stock Brokers.

Until recently, REALLY spotting trends was tedious...and at best, a shot in the dark...UNLESS you had deep pockets and access to expensive databases...

That all changed in an instant.

Now, for the first time ever, even the "little guy" can do complex analysis of markets worldwide.

Just in case you were wondering...

Google™ Is Hiding Data From You!

There's BIGGER, BADDER trend data than anyone could have imagined. But Google is deliberately hiding it from you.

While trend spotting has always been the buzz of the biggest Fortune 500 companies, you can now learn how to TAME THIS TREND BEAST in 2017 & 2018!

Video 1:
Google's Hidden Trend Data

In this Video, I'll walk you through a quick introduction of the course and show you exactly what you'll learn and how to get started trend spotting fast.

Video 2:
Google's Hidden Hourly Trends

In this Video, you will setup your first TrendRSS™ feed using the software included in the Member's Area. Start seeing top trends in the next 10 minutes!

Video 3:
Fine Tuning Hot Trends Easily

In this Video, you'll see how to fine tune your results to make sure you're seeing the best trends.

"By 9am, I'd made $150 profit..."

"Hi Jack, Bought and watched on Wed night. Friday night at 11pm I started playing around with an old niche and saw two keyword trends that I wasn't using. Stayed up to 3am to create landing pages and added the KWs to my PPC campaign. By 9am, I'd made $150 profit on those KWs. Thanks mate! - Frank"

Video 4:
Google Does The Heavy Lifting

In this Video, you'll see how to get Google's massive server power on your side so you can spot trends, and not just fads!

Video 5:
Speedy Profits From "Drawing"

In this Video, you'll see how a grain, the flu, and baby boy showers can teach you how to become a master trend spotter faster.

Video 6:
Who's Buying? Where? Why?

In this Video, you'll explore the power of data ranges so you can see how the buyers are searching for the things they want to buy.

"Got more traffic in 10 hours..."

"Jack, I've used the tool as you suggested for article marketing. I found a term and wrote an article around it. Within 10 hours of posting my article on my blog, I started getting traffic. I dug and propellered my article and now it's #2 out of 709,000 on a broad search on Google. People are searching for that term, yet no one else has written an article with the exact phrase that was found with the tool. - Akogo"

Video 7:
Swimming Toward The Wave

In this Video, you'll see exactly what time you should present your offer to your market so you can get them at their peak interest time when they're most likely to buy your product.

Video 8:
The Money Is In The Details

In this Video, you'll see how to fine tune your searches to make sure you're seeing where the profits are in the market and not being fooled by incorrect or missing data.

Video 9:
Golden Google Keyword Trends

In this Video, you'll see how to get Google to return the hottest keywords in any market, even if you don't know any keywords for the market in the first place!

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"Hi Jack, Just wanted to say that the resource is one of the best I've seen. I'm going to blame you for some sleepless nights to come! Kind regards, Brian"

Video 10:
Following The Buyer Path

In this Video, you'll discover how your buyers type in their searches, so you can make sure you present your product or service along the entire buying path.

Video 11:
Finding HOT YouTube™ Trends

In this Video, you'll see how easy it is to find hot trends at the #1 Video streaming site in the world, YouTube.

Video 12:
Buyer Trends Increase Profits

In this Video, you'll learn how to find out when your market is most interested in your products or services, even if you've never been in the market in the past.

"OWN the market...pure and simple"

"OK's the deal. You send me your Social Security # and I'll send you my Credit Card #. That way you can send me all your reports automatically and I can claim you on my income tax returns. Deal? What a series of videos. Wow! The real beauty of all of this is that anyone wanting to take this offline to local advertising would OWN the market, whatever it was, pure and simple. Not only that, but you could FIND a local market! Brilliant! Naturally, this is aimed at the web, but the possibilities are only confined by imagination. This is true "Laser Marketing" I am reduced to one word: Thanks!! Jack"

Video 13:
Spy On Competitors Google Analytics Ecommerce Data

In this Video, learn your buyers purchase path and what they do just before they buy. Spy directly on your competitors Google Analytics Ecommerce stats!

Video 14:
Spotting Buyer Trends Fast

In this Video, you'll learn how to position your message to the exact place where there is the most interest for buyers to purchase your product.

Video 15:
Power Trends / Buyer Message

In this Video, you'll learn how to get in front of the buyer with the right message at the right time.

"High quality...real value"

"Thanks for this great offer, Jack. The videos are high quality and packed with real value for all IMers. -Dave"

Video 16:
Hot Trends - Start to Finish

In this Video, learn how to use 150,000 trend hunters on the web, find keywords and companies driving the biggest trends, and locate the keywords and domains to get started profiting from those trends today!

Bonus Video 1:
Not Seeing Trends? Fix This

I'll show you how easy it is to make sure you're getting the correct trend data, everytime, so you can spot the trends that will bring you the most traffic.

Bonus Video 2:
International Trend Secrets

If you're product or service is sold overseas, you've got to take a look at the powerful trend data available for other countries.

Advanced Video 1:
HOT! - Realtime Trend Spy

Google Sends You Hidden Trends Automatically On The Hour (Works for any keyword an every market!)

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Today's Price: $17

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