How To Calculate ROI Without Using A Calculator (even if you HATE math)

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Ok…let me guess.

You’ve got a marketing campaign up and running…and you either THINK you are making money, or you KNOW you are losing money.

(Because if you already KNEW you were making money, you probably already understand how to calculate ROI for your marketing campaign.)

Instead of going through all of the details, including Price, Cost per Visitor, Impressions, Conversion Rate, etc…I thought you might just like a simple “Click and Calculate” ROI template that you can immediately use in your business.

Make no mistake, knowing your ROI is huge.

Many small business owners fail to properly calculate this value…and wonder why their doors are closing just 1 year after opening.

But it doesn’t have to be hard to calculate ROI, even if you hate math!

Here is a recent video series, including the actual Excel template I use to calculate ROI for my marketing campaigns.

Click Here for ROI Calculation Videos & Free Excel Template To Calculate ROI Easily…

Enjoy and Prosper,
Jack Duncan

P.S. Once you know how to calculate your ROI value, you’ll also know how to IMPROVE your ROI…and that’s what your really after, isn’t it. :)

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