Google Keywords – How To Find The Best Keywords To Use

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It’s probably one of the most emailed questions I receive…

“Jack, how do you find good keywords…do you just use a Keyword Tool?”

or some may say

“Jack, aren’t all the good, “easy-to-rank” Google keywords already taken?”

Let me just show you one clever way to find some great keywords.

Just for a moment, think about articles.

Hundreds of marketers write them…but very few actually do anything beyond submitting them to a single article directory.

Which means they either rank…or flop…on their content.

That’s great news for us!

When we find keywords that have articles in the Top 10 in Google, Yahoo, or Bing, we know that we have the potential for “easy rankings”…

Now…let’s take this 1 step further.

When we have an article with 10,393 views in the last 90 days…we know we have a keyword (or a set of keyword phrases) that is actually driving traffic…

In fact, I’ve found article marketers to be some of the best “low competition keyword researchers”…it’s just unfortunate for them that they do so little with what they have found.

Here’s a simple, step-by-step method to harvest their “hard work”:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Type in your topic

It could be anything from “wedding gifts” to “chicken farming”…just pick a topic phrase around your main keyword.

I’ve found that broad phrases usually work better too…

Step 3: Enter this string into the Google keyword query box AFTER your topic word/phrase: “This article has been viewed 2000..199999” “Article Submitted On: * *, 2010”

UPDATED on July 21, 2011:

We did some digging on this and it looks like since
EZA changed their layout recently, the code needed
to be updated.

Here is the latest version of this code that works now: “Viewed 200..199999” “Submitted On * *, 2011”

Make sure you paste the entire phrase above (as PLAIN TEXT)…

If you want to see this search in action, justCLICK HERE (You can see an actual result from

Step 4: Click Search

Google is now going to bring back all the articles from (one of the biggest and most search friendly article sites) that have at least 2,000 views and up to 199,999 views…and were written in 2010.

Step 5: Copy the entire URL of one of the higher searched articles.

Step 6: Navigate your browser to

Step 7: Paste the URL into the keyword query box.

Step 8: Notice the keywords that are driving traffic to the article.

THESE are the keywords that you can pay close attention to (and the closely related phrase versions).

You can often find keywords that have plenty of traffic, with almost no “actual competition”…and in many cases, the ranking article has 0 links pointing to it…so it must rank on nothing more than the content and inner linking within the article directory itself.

It’s extremely simple.

Yet very powerful.

And I’d encourage you to take it for a spin today and see what great keywords you can find to rank very easily in Google…and syphon buyers into your site.

Also, if you’re looking for an entire course in profitable keyword research, you should check out the A4 Keyword Research System.

Keyword Research Course








All the best,
Jack Duncan

P.S. If you’re looking for a great keyword tool to find other HOT keywords, take a look at Keyword Sniper Pro. :)

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