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  • Find Hidden Keywords

    AMZ3 Pro discovers more Amazon keywords than any other keyword research tool available today. Using a proprietary search algorithm, you’ll discover more buyer keywords than your competitors, and can rank faster for these hidden terms.

  • Discover Buyer Groups

    Unlike other Amazon keyword tools that just “skim the surface” or pull old data from archived databases, AMZ3 Pro pulls realtime data directly from Amazon. Uncover ALL the buyer keywords so you can group them and target the best groups.

  • Boost Amazon Sales

    Discover ALL the buyer keywords for your market. Include these keywords in your titles, descriptions, and keyword fields. Then start ranking for more keywords at Amazon, simply because you included these terms in your listings.

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There really is no trick to making this work.

Once you understand the most important SEO ranking factors, and you have thousands of hidden keywords from AMZ3 Pro, it's just a matter of creating content around your keywords to drive traffic to your Amazon products.

The big benefit comes when you start getting more sales, and higher organic rankings in Amazon at the same time. This process works over and over to drive your Amazon products to the top of the search results at both Amazon and Google.


After AMZ3 Pro has found all of the buyer keywords, it will analyze each of them and cross tabulate all the results to show you exactly the most common words found in all the keywords. You can then insert these words into your product descriptions, keywords, and features, to help you rank for those terms.

After AMZ3 Pro has found all of the buyer keywords, you can then process these keywords in our free tool, KeywordGrouper Pro and get back specific buyer groups. Use this segment knowledge to target just the right groups of buyers with your Amazon products (or Kindle books).

Is this a one-time fee or a monthly membership? +

How many searches can I perform each month? +

Will this work for ____ niche? +

Will this work for Kindle books? +

Do you have any training materials? +

Yes, we do. After you make your purchase, you'll be immediately redirected to our download page. You can then download the software in a matter of seconds. On that download page, there is a link to the AMZ3 PRO Video Training area. You can watch those videos at anytime and learn how to use the tool to find buyer keywords and  increase your sales.

Do I have to have an Amazon account? +

Does this work in only in English? +

Will this work if I've never done keyword research? +

Yes, you can use AMZ3 Pro even if you've never done keyword research before. As long as you know a seed keyword, AMZ3 Pro will do all the other work to find highly related keywords around your seed term. Just click "Search" and let the software do all the work for you.

Will this work on PC and Mac? +

Can I use this for Amazon advertising? +

Absolutely. In the video above, we actually show you a case study where we use the keywords from AMZ3 Pro to get cheap 1-2 cent clicks on Amazon. We use this cheap traffic to drive sales of our Kindle Books. You can use the same strategy to drive sales to your products on Amazon. Once you find all the keywords that everyone else is overlooking, you can then dominate the PPC market with cheap clicks your competitor's miss.

What are the software requirements to use AMZ3 Pro? +

If I have a problem, can I get help? +

Yes. If you have a problem with installation or usage of AMZ3 Pro, just create a ticket at our support desk by sending a quick email to support --at--, and we'll do our best to solve the problem quickly for you.

If it really does all this, why is it so cheap? +

Great question. The truth is, we're still rolling this tool out to the public and doing some price testing. We will probably raise the price in the near future, and we may even move over to a monthly membership payment plan. However, we wanted test and improve the tool quickly, using the feedback from our first users, so a lower price makes sense. Anyone who purchases the tool during our initial launch will receive free updates, even if we decide to go to a monthly membership plan.