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TrendMiner Pro could have alerted you to the huge spike in the "quinoa food trend" back in 2008...

Video 1:
Installing TrendMiner Pro

  • 60 Second, step-by-step installation -- Even for the technically challenged. :)
  • Easy Windows installation & fast desktop trend processing. (For example, if we tried to do this trendspotting with an online tool, it would take at least 10 times as long!)

Video 2:
Your First Trend Search

  • Dynamic Search Types that allow you to look under the hood at (In fact, using these search types, you can even spot trends by observing what pictures people look for!)
  • Multi-topic seed research -- Why keywords are different than trending topics...
  • Brief look at the powerful category filters that allow you to grab data directly from, without submitting a query! (Actually, Google reveals hotter trends when we just ask them instead of suggesting a seed topic!)

Video 3:
Powerful Search Filters

  • What a NID ID is, and how to simulate an advanced web browser...
  • Understanding why human emulation is important to LOVES humans, and ironically, HATES robots. Using this method, you essentially "mimic" natural searching.)
  • How to setup TrendMiner Pro with a unique "cookie value" so you can emulate a natural trend search to Google's multiple data centers...

Video 4:
Mining Google Gold

  • Why TrendMiner Pro is so powerful and how it can directly access Google's data...
  • The difference between FEEDBACK loops and SUGGESTION responses...and why it matters. (For example, when we tell Google what we need, they will often "conveniently fail" to tell us that we are LOOKING IN THE WRONG DIRECTION altogether!)
  • How to give Google ANY topic and have them precisely tell you if they see any trends in their mountain of data. (You can actually find BETTER trends by witholding information from Google...)

Video 5:
Harvesting Trend Sources

  • How product searches can give you extremely profitable trends based on actual buying behavior...
  • How to spot trends based on what pictures buyers look at when they visit (In fact, you'll know why users viewing images of "kitchen utensils" could be secretly alerting you to the next big trend!)
  • How to "take the pulse" of specific physical products, to know which ones are going to be hot in the future. (This is perfect for ecommerce stores and affiliate review sites too...)

Video 6:
International Trend Discovery

  • Why GeoTargeting specific trends is a super powerful technique for ANY internet marketer...
  • How to avoid "trend noise" by removing data from customers you cannot serve. (And don't make the mistake of including data that you could never act on.)
  • How Global Advertising Trends can get you tons of cheap traffic -- that everyone else is simply missing...

Video 7:
Category Trend Mining

  • How topic categories can lead you to powerful trends without actually suggesting anything. (Google will actually "reward" you for keeping quiet and letting them lead you to the trends!)
  • Why TrendMiner Pro results show topically related "trend themes" that you'd never find any other way...
  • When some filtering can actually HURT your chances of spotting hot trends, and how to know when to use it. (For instance, Google thinks that "sprite" is more related to web technology than the popular cola...but we'll show you how to correct that too...)

Video 8:
The Big Date Filter

  • Why "trends" instantly implies a time range, and how to use date ranges to dig deeper. (And why ignoring date ranges can leave major money on the table...)
  • How to take a "week by week" snapshot of any market so you always stay ahead of the competition...
  • Where to find HOT Products just BEFORE they go mainstream and the competition shows up. (If you've ever wondered how some people are "in the know" about HOT products before anyone else, this section will be very eye-opening!)

Video 9:
Top Search Secrets

  • What "Top Searches" are, and how to use them to drill directly into Google's most searched for data. (It's easy -- and since Google is just giving away this data, we might as well mine it for the next "big thing"...)
  • How to drill into relational topics to find unsuspected trends. (What Sprite has to do with Fanta, and why it really matters anyway.)
  • Why it's impossible to do this without software, and how TrendMiner Pro is able to crack the code in seconds...

Video 10:
Revealing Hidden Trends

  • Understanding the "Drill Deep" algorithm and when you should use it...
  • How to get even more trend data out of Google when you only start with a single topic...
  • Powerful 1--2 of using "Top Search technology" with the TrendMiner Pro "Drill Deep" feature. (And why asking for more will almost always have Google spilling the beans...)

Video 11:
From Trends to Traffic

  • Step-by-Step LIVE Video: How to go from hot trends to actual keywords. (This isn't theory -- you'll actually see me spot trends on video, and work down to the keyword level!)
  • Use the power of the 80/20 rule for faster and more profitable trendspotting...
  • How to do a quick check for trend-keyword competition data in to see if it's even worth your time and effort...

Video 12:
Powerful Seed Topic Lists

  • Powerful SEED TOPIC LISTS will bring back HUNDREDS of targeted trends in any market...
  • Why the delay setting is so important to avoid having Google deny your request for data. (We like Google because they provide us with so much data -- we'll gladly work with them when we want to process massive seed lists to find the best trends!)
  • How to emulate human behavior requests and keep Google talking. (This common courtesy will always make Google your best friend...)

Video 13:
Finding More Profitable Trends

  • How to find "Profitable Niches" by crossing product trends with search trends. (In fact, we can actually use "early adopters" to reveal the products that the "masses" will be buying tomorrow. :)
  • Switching between trend types -- How to rescan for even more trend data. (Why most people overlook the hottest trends when they are just another click away...)
  • Drilling deep into HOT products to find the highest potential trends to profit from...

Video 14:
Long Term Trend Profits

  • The "Step Down Method" and how we can scan through time ranges to spot more trends...
  • Why the 7-30-90-12 system works so well to get all the trend data from
  • How you can ACCIDENTALLY MISS trends by keeping a narrow focus. (And how to know when "enough is enough" with your target date range...)

Video 15:
International Buyers

  • Why Country Specific filters can mean HUGE paid traffic opportunities for you...
  • How to find HOT trends and untapped markets with GeoTargeting. (While everyone else is missing the low hanging fruit, you can simply walk in and steal the show...)
  • Introduction to the exciting world of "Country Specific Targeted Trends"...

Video 16:
Laser Targeting Huge Markets

  • Laser Targeting huge markets down to extremely specific micro-trends and actual keywords. (For instance, you'll see how easy it is to get Google to reveal incredible "micro-trends" after being given a single keyword that is searched for millions of times each month!)
  • Force Google to show you specific subtopics that are trending up fast...
  • How to analyze BILLIONS of keywords down to a specific HOT TREND in just a matter of seconds (It's not even physically possible to do this without Google's help -- using their massive farm of servers all over the world!)

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