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Yes, it's still 70%.

Google's market share, that is.

Even after an all out assault from a Bing/Yahoo search merger, Google doesn't show any signs of playing "second fiddle" in the search engine wars.

And if it isn't already apparent to you yet, any internet marketing strategy that doesn't include traffic from Google in some way, has a big hole.

It doesn't matter if you're a fan of SEO or PPC (or both), making Google happy is still an excellent strategy if you plan on making any money online today. :)

So what's the big deal?

I realize this is a no brainer.

You already know this stuff.

But the real issue has always been that the highest ranked sites get all of the traffic.

In fact, just the top 3 sites get almost 70% of the clicks and traffic.

Buried on page 2...?

Good luck with that!


Since it's no secret that Google ranks pages in order of relevance, the key to SEO has always been to figure out how to make the pages on your site more relevant (in Google's eyes).

That's the real "SEO secret".

(FYI: Relevance matters in PPC too... just try throwing up an Adwords ad for a page that Google doesn't think is relevant and see how quickly they disable the ad with a low quality score warning.)

So, imagine if you knew exactly how to increase the relevance of any page on your site...

Now imagine being able to do this for all your keywords...yes, even the most competitive money making terms.

The good news is, it's actually not that far from your reach right now.

And I'll tell you why...

How Google really sees your page...

You already know that Googlebot crawls pages and follows the backlinks on those pages.

And you know that Google tries to calculate the meaning of a page based on the words and the relationships between the backlinks (and words) on pages.

Since this is true, it shouldn't be that hard to "engineer" hyper-relevance.

You just need to know and adjust your content to match Google's understanding of these keyword relationships.

And by making these changes, you'll instantly increase the relevancy of any page.

What should I do first...?

But, in order to do this, you've got to know what Google thinks about your keyword.

That's the key...

And once you know what words Google says are most relevant, you can increase the relevancy of your content and backlinks...and force any page to the top of the search results faster.

And you'll do this by working backwards.

You take your top converting content and "engineer" relevance after it's already been written.


First, you find the most relevant words, then you place them strategically into your content and backlinks.

That's it...

That's the real "secret" that most SEO gurus never talk about.

SEO, meet Google.

Sure, from time to time there is a need for a tweak here or there, but SEO really is this simple. (And always has been)

Since Google already has the "relevance code" for every keyword, you just need to figure out how to get access to that data, then use it in your site architecture, content, and links.

Because if Google reveals their relevance data to you, you can easily put together sites and create pages that are instantly relevant to Google.

(As I said earlier, the key here is to work backwards.)

Isn't this data hidden...?

But isn't this powerful relevance data impossible to get?

Isn't it under "lock and key"?

Actually, it's not. :)

Let me introduce you to Keyword Map Pro™.

Keyword Map Pro™ takes your keywords, and relevancy data directly from Google, and visually maps out the relevant relationships.

Sound familiar...?

You guessed it...

Google™ WonderWheel on Steroids...

The Google WonderWheel™ is back, only this time, it's 100x better than the original.

Remember, Google blocked access to the WonderWheel on July 3rd, 2011...or so everybody thought...

Related Keywords Search

Unlike the original WonderWheel tool, Keyword Map Pro can go an unlimited number of levels deep.

You can literally map the relevance of any keyword 1...5...10...even 50+ levels deep.

No kidding.

Keyword Map Pro Tool

And unlike the old WonderWheel tool, you can create Broad, Strong, AND Mixed relevance maps! (I'll explain what these are and why they matter when you read page 11 in the Quick Start Guide)


In fact, the Keyword Map Pro datasource is so powerful, we prefer to call it the "WonderTheme" database.

Because it reveals the "secret sauce" for keyword relevancy...and the data comes directly from Google.

And once you tap into this Google data, you can instantly boost the relevancy of your site, content, backlinks, and pages for your top converting keywords.

Yes... even the most competitive, money-making keywords.

Google relevancy data in plain site...

Think about that for a minute.

When Google reveals their relevancy map for a keyword, you can give them exactly what they want so that you can rank for that keyword.

And since Keyword Map Pro shows you an exact map of what Google thinks about your keywords, you can know exactly which words Google is looking for in your pages, content, and backlinks.

And you'll always outrank your competitors when Google sees your page as more relevant.


Is it really this simple...?

It couldn't be easier to use...

Step 1: Take your money-making keywords and place them into the search box.

Keyword Map Screenshot

Step 2: Click Graph It!

And you can build an exact map of relevance, directly from Google's own data, for your keywords.

Keywords Mapping

Step 3: Drill into these keywords to see the entire keyword map visually...just click on the map.

Related Terms Graph

(I'll even show you how I take these keywords and setup my sites, pages, and even my backlinks so that these sites are seen as hyper relevant by Google...but more on that BONUS in just a second.)

Step 4: Increase the relevancy of your pages and backlinks (I'll show you exactly how to do this too!)

Then watch as your pages get "nailed down" into the Top 10 for your most profitable keywords.

And since you're at the top guessed it...YOU get the majority of the search traffic we talked about earlier.

This formula always works...

Traffic + Conversions = Profits

That formula never fails...

And it still works just as well, even after all the "slaps", "farmers", "pandas", and everything else they tell you is going to be the death of SEO.

I'll show you how easy this is too:

1. Keyword Map Pro shows you what Google REALLY wants...

2. You give Google exactly what they want...

3. You rank right at the top...

4. You get all that high converting traffic...

5. You make more money...

6. Then wash, rinse, and repeat! :)

Keyword Map Pro will show you exactly what Google thinks about relevance for your top converting keywords so you can make more money (then spend it how you like).

And it's super easy to use...

Crappy bonuses...NOT INCLUDED

To make it even easier to use, and to help you get top rankings even faster without any blood, sweat, or tears, I'm throwing in everything but the kitchen sink... :)

6 Quick Start Training Videos - Member's Area

Member's Area

I've included everything you need to know in these 6 training videos...from installation, to your first search, and even how to use the advanced human emulation features we included in Keyword Map Pro.

Search Tool

I cover zooming, drilling, and mapping your keywords. And I also cover some advanced tips for using Broad, Strong, and Mixed relevance.

(Don't worry if this sounds's super simple and you'll know exactly what Google thinks about your keyword too!)

But that's not all.

You also get this:

Keyword Map Pro Quick Start Guide

Training Guide

It covers all the features of the program so you can get the most out of this powerful program even faster. And you'll always know how to use the tool so you get the best results.

And once you're up and running, I wanted to show you exactly how to use the tool to get top rankings fast...even for newly registered domains.

So you get this too:

LSI Architecture Secrets Guide

Latent Semantic Indexing

Most of the SEO "gooroos" never tell you about this step. It's not nearly as "sexy" as those loopholes, hacks, and sneaky tricks they like to promote.

But it's critical if you want to really succeed in the post-Panda world of SEO.

And I'll show you how easy it is to setup a proper LSI Site Architecture so that you always know your site is hyper-relevant (Google's opinion, not your own)...

Here's what you'll learn inside:

  • A "stealth" way to setup your site pages and links so that they immediately LOOK relevant to Google...(This little-known process is actually encouraged by Google, and is the proper way to organize any site...for ANY search engine.) (See pages 4-5)...

  • What Architects know about SEO that most marketers don't. (And how to use this secret from the "drafting table" no matter where your pages are ranked in Google) (Details in Chapter 3)...

  • Brilliant ways (used by some of the world's top SEO experts) to create sites that Google always ranks in the Top 10. (These tricks are "weird", but you can be sure that your competition is NOT using them and won't know what hit them when you do.)
    (Check out pages 18-22 inside)...

But hang on.

That's not all.

Once you finish the LSI Architecture Secrets guide, you'll be more than ready to start creating powerful, top ranking sites (or fixing your existing sites)...

And you'll be ready to get your high converting pages into the Top 10...

Since I wanted to make sure everything was as crystal clear as fresh spring water, I'm also including this:

LSI Content Mastery Guide


Myth: Content is KING.

Fact: Converting Content is KING!

In this guide, I'll show you how easy it is to take any converting page and make it more relevant than ever before.


Relevance = Rankings.

(Google ALWAYS displays results in order of relevance...)

Here's what you'll learn inside...

  • The "MiracleGro" principle that makes it extremely hard for Google to resist placing your pages in the Top 10. (We figured this out after "reverse engineering" the existing Top 10 results and spotting a common pattern. Best part: The software tells you EXACTLY what words Google is really looking to find.) (Starts in Chapter 2)...

  • The #1 EASIEST way to find out what Google already thinks about your site. (Believe it or not, Google has provided a Boolean search parameter and they WANT you to check out your site this allows you to get a "1-on-1 Consultation" directly from their algorithm.) (It's on page 10)...

  • Why the highest ranked sites are COLORFUL. (And where this color comes from...and how to get more color in your pages for higher rankings using UCAPro!)(Check out this image on page 19)...

Yes, you read that right.

You also get:

The Ultimate Content Analyzer Pro

Keyword Research

UCAPro is the perfect tool to analyze your content for relevancy, so we wanted to make sure you had access to this powerful tool when your engineering hyper-relevant content.

That's why I'm giving you access to The Ultimate Content Analyzer Pro, absolutely free, when you grab your copy of KeywordMapPro™!

And now that you've got a hyper-relevant site architecture and hyper-relevant content, there was only one thing left to make sure you always hit a home run...

...yes, I included that as well. :)

...You also get:

LSI Linking Strategies

LSI Semantic

While it's very true that you'll often rank hyper-relevant pages at the top of Google without a single backlink, I still wanted to show you how easy it is to use the same relevancy formula to make your internal and external links more powerful.

And this guide covers everything you've never been told about linking to your sites.

Yes...internal links make a big difference when they're done right.

Yet most SEO's don't know how to set them up properly, so they focus far too much on external backlinks.

This guide shows you how to get both setup perfectly.

Here's what you'll find inside:

  • The secret "Roto-Rooter" way to setup your site links so that all those nasty "Google hairballs" are completely removed...(Don't worry, Google actually likes it when you remove these obstacles so they can understand your pages correctly) (It's on pages 4-8)...

  • The most profitable way to link your pages together. (And why external links are way overhyped in SEO right can actually do this first for faster rankings.) (Look on page 10 inside)...

  • The REAL reason why your valuable pagerank is "leaking" all over the place. (And how to make sure you never have these leaks again.)(Check out chapter 3 & 4)...

Since I wanted to make sure you could see this all first hand...actually look over my shoulder and see how easy this really is, I'm even throwing in some Bonus Videos showing how I use the information in these guides...

You also get:

4 Bonus Videos

Related Search

In Video #1, You'll see how to make your site hyper-relevant using steps included in the LSI Architecture Secrets guide...

In Video #2, watch as we create top ranking content using Keyword Map Pro and UCAPro...

In Video #3, see how easy it is to setup the most powerful internal and external link structure, and even see visually how "rank juice" will flow through your site in your own "Ranking Roadmap".

Video #4 is extra special.

I'll show you the exact steps you can use to find low competition, high search volume keywords and Exact Match Domains easily.

(In fact, in this video, you'll actually watch me uncover dozens of these .com domains in a matter of a few minutes. Works for any market or keyword too!)

Domain Screenshot

Yes, it's ALL included in this package.

Have I lost my mind?

Maybe. :)

But you can see clearly now how much I truly want you to succeed.

And I'm giving you all the tools and resources you need to get started immediately.

Nothing has been left out.


(In fact, I honestly feel like I've thrown in everything but the kitchen sink)

However, to put even the biggest skeptics at ease, I'm backing up everything with my ironclad, Kill Devil Hills Guarantee...

What the heck is that?

Glad you asked. :)

Kill Devil Hills Guarantee:

Wright Brothers Search Little Wilbur and Orville Wright were smart enough to know as young men that they couldn't just rely on ideas and sketches to get them up into the air.

That just wouldn't fly. (Sorry, I couldn't resist) :)

No...they had to test these ideas in the real world to see if they were too good to be true or if they really would work as well as planned.

So they tested everything first...proved it worked amazingly well...then made history with their success.

And in the spirit of those first successful test flights in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, I'm offering you my unconditional, 60 day "Kill Devil Hills" Guarantee.

Just give Keyword Map Pro™ a fair the 6 Quick Start Training Videos, read through the Quick Start Guide, check out these 3 powerful Bonus Reports and 4 Bonus videos, use UCAPro and put these amazing ranking techniques to use on your own sites.

You'll be amazed at the results.

And if for some reason you can't get it to "fly", send a quick email to our support desk anytime in the next 60 days and we'll promptly issue you a full refund.

It just doesn't get any better than that.

See for yourself, firsthand, how these powerful techniques using the "WonderTheme" database will boost your rankings and finally give you the SEO success you've been after...

...then watch your rankings begin to soar!

So what's the catch?

Actually, there isn't one.

In fact,

Let me put $365.49 into
your pocket right now!

You save $80 and receive $285.49 in Free Gifts just for giving Keyword Map Pro a fair try! That's $365.49 in savings!

Available to smart marketing professionals who want faster Top 10 rankings for their most lucrative, "buyer keywords"...

You'll see how easy it is to:

  • Boost rankings virtually overnight (even rank new sites #1)...
  • Create high traffic, money making websites faster...
  • Turn those websites into steady rivers of ongoing income year after year...
  • Finally rank #1 and create passive wealth from high converting keywords (SEO, PPC, etc.)...
  • Systematically and consistently beat competitors for the most profitable clicks -- becoming an SEO professional respected and feared by your competitors...

Remember, you get...

Keyword Map Pro™ Software -- Brings the powerful WonderWheel back, so you visually see keyword relevance...use it for SEO, PPC, keyword research, linking strategies, content mastery, and market research success...

6 Quick Start Training Videos -- Look over my shoulder and see how easy this tool is to install and use...

Quick Start Guide -- This 25 page .pdf Quick Start Guide gets you up and running in the next few minutes...

BONUS #1 -- LSI Architecture Secrets - Create a hyper-relevant site blueprint...

BONUS #2 -- LSI Content Mastery - Create content that get's ranked fast...

BONUS #3 -- Ultimate Content Analyzer Pro - See content relevance visually...

BONUS #4 -- LSI Linking Strategies - Setup hyper-relevant internal and external links...

BONUS #5 -- LSI Bonus Video Series - Step-by-step Bonus training videos...

BONUS #6 -- Keyword Brainstorming Secrets - Quickly find high search volume keywords and Exact Match Domains

Only Tool Of Its Kind -- Nobody else has access to this powerful relevancy data, and you get unlimited uses to drill as deep as you like into your keywords!...

Download Instantly -- Worldwide Ordering, Available 24/7 (Yes, even if it's 2:00 am on Sunday morning)...

Convenient Delivery -- .zip, .exe, .pdf, and fast, cloud streaming videos included...

Free Lifetime Upgrades -- We always monitor our software closely and deliver timely upgrades for the life of the program. (No sneaky fine print either...just ask thousands of our satisfied customers)...

Fanatical Customer Support -- We're here for your success. Support is just a ticket away with responses in less than 24-48 hours...

Now, I know what you're thinking...

So, what's all this going to cost...?

Best of all, we've priced it so that anyone can profit from it.

You get all this for just $17.

No, that's not a typo.

Retail Price: $382.49
Today's Sale...

Only $17

Remember, you're getting access to powerful Google ranking data that everyone else was blocked from on July 3rd, 2011.

Keyword Map Pro™ can help you rank for all of your money making keywords.

Keyword Map Pro

  • Super Fast -- Mapping interface allows you to get a super quick view of all relevant keywords so you can rank faster...
  • Easy, TreeCSV™ Exporting -- Allows you to export your maps into .csv format, but still retain the map structure. HOT!
  • Human Emulation Support -- Keeps Google happy. Need we say more. :)
  • VisualView™ -- Keywords are seen visually, so you can easily understand the relationships (Think of the WonderWheel™ on steroids)
  • Powerful TreeGraph -- The TreeGraph format is the best view so you can drill an unlimited number of levels deep, yet still see exactly how the keywords are related...
  • Powerful, Flexible Graphing -- See exactly what you need to see. Includes Zooming, Centering, 1:1, and Fill features...
  • Find Better Keywords -- You can dig deeper (unlimited levels) and spot opportunities in Tree View...even copy all keywords to your clipboard to use in any other research program you want...
  • SEO Power -- See your pages finally rank at the top when you give Google exactly what they want to see...
  • Windows Software -- Works on XP, Vista, and 7 (Mac Emulator tested too!)...
  • Built-in Browser -- Perform research and lookup keywords right inside the program...
KeywordMap Pro

Click below to grab your discount license and all bonus materials...

Retail Price: $382.49
Today's Sale...

Only $17

I'd love to be able to add your name to the list of individuals who take action and use Keyword Map Pro™ to boost their rankings and earn more income in 2014!

See you in the member's area,

Keyword Maps Pro

P.S. In the next 60 seconds, login to your Member's Area and instantly download Keyword Map Pro™, view the 6 Training Videos, download the 3 Bonus Guides, watch the 4 Bonus Videos, and even get instant access to the Ultimate Content Analyzer Pro's all included when you order now.

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